Woman claims to find Virgin Mary image in MRI …

Fort Pierce, FL — Suffering for nearly a decade with countless medical problems, Pamela Latrimore was waiting for a miracle.

She says, « I pray and talk to God about my health. »

She prayed, like always, while getting an MRI in 2002 and while looking through old medical records this week says she found evidence of that prayer being answered.

Latrimore claims her step-daughter first noticed an image of the Virgin Mary in one of the brain images.

Latrimore tells NewsChannel 5, « She’s like, ‘Oh my God, you have the  Mother Mary in your head. »

The picture gave her divine inspiration of how to pay some of her overwhelming medical bills; she’s posting it for sale on eBay.

She admits, she’s heard from some people who don’t think the image looks like anything divine – some even calling it a blasphemous scam.

But she says her intentions are good, explaining she’s trying to help not only herself but everyone else suffering from similar medical issues.

Latrimore claims her health problems were caused by Agent Orange, that, according to the Department of Justice, was manufactured and leaked in her hometown, Jacksonville, Arkansas decades ago.

She hopes to use the eBay sale to raise awareness, saying, « Even if I got a dollar for it, for the amount of people who would look at it and read the story underneath it, that would be, for me, blessing enough. »

It’s a blessing she admits is unconventional, but feels is too picture perfect to pass up.

Latrimore adds, « I’m not going to question it and I believe God works in miraculous ways. »

Bids started at $20.00.

The auction on the item will close on December 16th.



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