The shocking, satanic murder of a Long Island teen is recounted in this compelling true crime documentary.

In the summer of 1984, four teens entered the woods to party, take drugs, and listen to music in the sleepy seaside town of Northport, but when the morning sun rose, only two remained. In the following weeks one of those remaining teens — young Ricky Kasso — would lead a series of « tours » to the body for local teens — all of whom held a steadfast conspiracy of silence against the town’s adult population.

Though Ricky and his friend Jimmy Troiano would eventually attempt to flee town when they realized their secret had gotten out, the law eventually caught up to the teens, and they were both jailed on murder charges. Though Ricky Kasso would commit suicide in his jail cell before the trial even began, the most shocking even of the trial came when — due to the drug-fogged testimony of a key witness — Jimmy Troiano was acquitted of all charges and freed. The shockwaves of the horrific murder still ripple through the town of Northport to this day’.

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